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Биолюминесценция червей
Исследования светящихся червей в Австралии
.: Дата публикации 30-Ноя-2006 :: Просмотров: 484 :: Печатать текущую страницу :: Печатать все страницы:.

Исследования светящихся червей в Австралии (Springbrook Research Centre)


Luminous Earthworms

Glow Worms
Type species: Arachnocampa flava Harrison 1966: 880. Australia (Qld).

Springbrook's giant earthworms

The giant brown earthworm, "grunters" as they are commonly named here ( during heavy rainfall the worms come close to the surface and when the ground is walked on they emit a grunting sound ). As far as I can assess they belong to
( class.Oligochaetes order.Haplotaxida )
digaster sp.

This juvenile specimen measured 510mm.
Some mature specimens found here are over 1 metre in body length.
click the image for a larger view

The extremely wet weather has started the appearance of our giant earthworms above ground.
At this time only juveniles are evident.

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