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Contact information and services

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Address: Institute of Biophysics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Biotechnology, Akademgorodok, 660036, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

Curator of collection
Dr. E.K.Rodicheva,
Tel. (3912) 49-45-27
Email: ccibso@ibp.ru
Web site: http://www.ibp.ru/ccibso

Collection Holdings
The collection includes about 700 strains of diverse marine aerobic luminous bacteria (free-living and associate, including symbiotic) belonging to 4 species: Photobacterium phosphoreum, P.leiognathi, Vibrio harveyi and V. fischeri. The luminous bacteria of the Collection were isolated in various regions of the Indian, the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, of the Black, Mediterranean and other seas, from tropical to polar latitudes and from the surface layers to the depth of several thousand meters. Luminous bacteria are a convenient object to be used in solving general biological problems, genetic and genetic-engineering researchs. They are perspective objects for biotechnology. Luminous bacteria are used to design the bioluminescent biotest on basis of lyophilized bacteria for measurements of the integral biological toxicity of different substances.

Contract services in identification, preservation; information offered;
Training provided.

The catalogue of luminous bacteria of the Institute of Biophysics was published in 1997 in "Nauka" Publishing House in English and in Russian.
The catalogue is available on magnetic carriers as MS-DOS format for personal computers
The electronic English version of "The IBSO Catalogue of Luminous Bacteria Cultures" is available at the MSDN international network server (see also WDCM WFCC), VKM-site, and IBP-site.


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