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Раздел: Старт / Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence

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  Luminescence measurement (4)     Luminescence reagents (2)   

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Bioluminescence & Biological Fluorescence 
These are two distinctly separate processes where visible light is emitted from living species. Bioluminescence is the emission of visible light either voluntarily or involuntarily. Fluorescence is the involuntary emission of light when an organism is being subjected to ultraviolet light.
Добавлено: 17-Авг-2006 | Хиты: 442
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Bioluminescence In Plankton And Nekton 
The International Society for Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence serves to promote the fundamental and applied sciences of bio- and chemi-luminescence throughout the world.
Добавлено: 17-Авг-2006 | Хиты: 435
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Bioluminescence: Principles and Applications
Добавлено: 17-Авг-2006 | Хиты: 512
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Bioluminescence Studies Page  Популярные
Bioluminescence Studies. Research and Resources. By John E. Wampler Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology The University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 30602
Добавлено: 17-Авг-2006 | Хиты: 754
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Digital Photobiology Compendium  Популярные
The DPC is the first of a new kind of educational tool. In a very general sense it replaces a set of books in the field of photobiology.
Добавлено: 17-Авг-2006 | Хиты: 2743
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Earthworm Bioluminescence  Популярные
Presentation of Earthworm Bioluminescence
Добавлено: 17-Авг-2006 | Хиты: 588
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European Photochemistry Association 
he EUROPEAN PHOTOCHEMISTRY ASSOCIATION EPA was founded in 1970 with the aim of developing an organisation which would promote and encourage the development and growth of photochemistry on the European continent and facilitate contact between photochemists in universities, research centres and industry across international boundaries. It is understood that the Association encompasses aspects of numerous areas related to the interdisciplinary character of photochemistry such as photophysics, photography, photobiochemistry, spectroscopy and radiation chemistry.
Добавлено: 17-Авг-2006 | Хиты: 432
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Glowing SeafoodLuminous Bacteria 
The phenomenon of bioluminescence (producing light by biological organisms) is fascinating. Most of us saw the fireflies Lampyris sp. but only a few people know that besides multicellular organisms which are able to producing light (e.g. some insects, crustaceans, etc.) luminous bacteria exist too.
Добавлено: 17-Авг-2006 | Хиты: 412
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Harbor Branch Bioluminescence Page 
Harbor Branch Bioluminescence Page
Добавлено: 17-Авг-2006 | Хиты: 448
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HBOI--More About Bioluminescence  Популярные
There are living lights in the ocean. They are beautiful, fascinating and critical to the very existence of most marine life. They are also little known and little appreciated, because so few people have the opportunity to see them with their own eyes. The images on this web site provide a rare glimpse of this remarkable phenomenon.
Добавлено: 17-Авг-2006 | Хиты: 698
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